The base class for widgets. Through their object class, widgets can be equipped with custom attributes of various types.

System attributes

Widget provides the following system attributes to all widgets:

Attribute nameGetterPurposeRead only
id (String)id()Unique identifier of the widget
_objClass (String)objClass()CMS object model class, e.g. ”TextWidget”

Constructor summary

Instance method summary

  • New in 1.27.0

    Returns the attribute definitions of the corresponding CMS widget class.

  • Returns the page or widget containing the widget.

  • Creates a copy of a Widget instance.

  • New in 1.37.0

    Deletes the widget.

  • Retrieves a custom attribute of a Widget instance.

  • The unique identifier of the widget.

  • The CMS object containing the widget.

  • The object class name of the widget.

  • Updates attributes of a Widget instance.

  • New in 1.28.0

    Returns a flat array of the widgets contained in the given widget.