Scrivito CMS for Editors

Publish Content Quickly and Easily on All Channels

With the enterprise CMS Scrivito, you spend less time publishing and managing content, and you can focus on creating it.

Easy Operation

Scrivito is an intuitive CMS for editors. You can start creating and editing pages immediately and master the system quickly. No lengthy training sessions are required.

Fast Results

With Scrivito, you achieve results quickly and reduce time-to-market for new projects. Publish content on any channel in no time – from one single system and in any number of languages.

Convenient Teamwork

You and your team members can collaborate optimally and ensure the quality of the content. For example, pages can be edited by multiple editors simultaneously and you can define individual approval workflows.
Screenshot of Scrivito, the CMS for editors

Main Advantages of the Enterprise CMS Scrivito

  • Intuitive content management for editors
  • Publish content quickly
  • All channels out of one system (omnichannel)
  • No long training required
  • Convenient teamwork
  • Live preview (WYSIWYG)
  • Modular page building with drag and drop
  • Customizable widgets
  • Approval workflows

Edit Pages Quickly

With Scrivito, you save a lot of time and can increase your productivity enormously. Pages can be created, edited and published with just a few clicks. You don’t need to rely on web designers or developers as you can perform all steps yourself.

Be Productive Immediately

Don’t waste your time on reading extensive documentation. Thanks to Scrivito’s excellent user-friendliness and clear editing interface, even users without any prior knowledge can edit content immediately.

Everything at a Glance with WYSIWYG

Scrivito’s editing interface provides a live “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) preview. You can change content directly on the page and see immediately how the final result appears on different devices such as desktop PCs, smartphones or tablets.

Omnichannel: Serve All Channels and Devices

By using the headless enterprise CMS Scrivito, you can supply content to all channels and devices from a single system and publish content anywhere. For example, the following types of channels can be connected:

  • Websites
  • Ecommerce portals
  • Voice assistants
  • Smartphone apps
  • TV applications
  • Smartwatches and other wearables
  • And many more

Reusable Widgets

Elements such as images, texts or videos can be added to a page as widgets. These can also contain complex functionalities such as contact forms. By creating your own reusable widgets, you save additional time and work.

Manage Multilingual Content

With Scrivito, you can offer your websites and apps in as many languages as you wish. The enterprise CMS supports multilingual projects natively, and all language versions are managed from a single system without any additional expense.

Real Time Collaboration

Scrivito is a powerful collaboration tool for teams: Multiple editors can work on a page together, simultaneously and independently, and invite other colleagues to collaborate. All editors involved in a working copy see the changes made by other team members in real time.

OMR Reviews badge for the enterprise CMS Scrivito

"Top Rated": OMR Reviews Awards Scrivito CMS

The software review platform OMR Reviews gave Scrivito the “Top Rated” award in the category Content Management Systems in March 2022. Our enterprise CMS is far above the industry average in all categories, such as “user-friendliness”, “meeting requirements” and “customer support”.

Workflows for Approving Content

With Scrivito, you can design your content workflows to suit your organization. For example, you can define that some teams can only edit certain areas of your site, or that a lead editor must approve content before publishing. In this way, you have full control over when and by whom changes are published.

Team-Based User Roles and Rights

Scrivito facilitates content management for editors through user roles: You can define roles with specific rights, such as “editor”, “editor-in-chief”, or “administrator”. This allows you to specify, for example, that editors can only create content but not publish it, or that they can only edit certain areas of a website.

Are You Ready to See Scrivito in Action?

  • Simple SEO Settings

    Using the properties of a page, you can determine different aspects such as its title, page description, permalinks and canonical tags.
  • Social Media Integration

    Gain more visitors via social networks, for example, by setting custom page titles, descriptions, and images for sharing the page on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Image Editing Made Easy

    With Scrivito, you can crop, flip, resize or apply color filters to images without any image editing software.
  • Image Scaling

    When you upload an image to Scrivito, the system automatically creates versions for different devices and resolutions.
  • Auto-Save

    When editing a page, all changes are saved immediately.

Customer Testimonials

Are You Ready to See Scrivito in Action?