Scrivito CMS for the Enterprise

The Future-Proof Enterprise Web CMS

Scrivito is the complete enterprise CMS solution for next-generation websites and apps. The system offers you the most advanced technology and optimal possibilities to increase your sales, delight your customers and minimize costs and risks.

Digital Experience Platforms to Delight Your Customers

Scrivito enables customized solutions that are optimally tailored to your business, customers, industry and other factors. As well as conventional websites, the CMS can also be used to develop state-of-the-art digital experience platforms (DXP). With a DXP you can inspire customers and set new standards in customer experience.

One System for All Your Websites and Apps

Create new websites in minutes and operate as many projects as you like in just one system, without the need for system administration. Instead of multiple installations, use a single CMS and share digital assets such as documents, images, and videos across multiple projects and channels.

Omnichannel Without Compromise

To remain competitive, you should reach your customers everywhere and on a wide variety of devices. As a headless/decoupled enterprise CMS, Scrivito is designed to serve every conceivable channel and device from one single system. These may be websites or ecommerce portals, for example, but can also be smartphone apps, voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, smartwatches or IoT applications.

Screenshot of Scrivito, the CMS for enterprises

Main Advantages for the Enterprise

  • First class digital experience platforms 
  • Central content hub for all your projects
  • Diverse channels and devices
  • Integration in your IT landscape and third-party systems
  • Excellent cost efficiency
  • Highest security, scalability and availability
  • Unlimited number of country websites and languages
  • Short time-to-market for new projects
  • Optimal usability for editors

Integration in Your IT Landscape and Third-Party Systems

Scrivito can be seamlessly linked to your existing IT landscape and third-party systems – like your CRM, ERP and PIM systems. This means, for example, that information such as customer and product data, inventory, and pricing can be used across all your websites and applications.

Save Work, Time and Costs

No initial investment is required, and ongoing operational costs are low. You don’t need your own IT infrastructure, staff to operate it or costly training for your employees. This means new projects are not only more cost-effective, but also faster. There is a usage-based monthly fee with no hidden costs.

Highest Security and Compliance

Scrivito and JustRelate offer you maximum security. We use the services of the global cloud market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers unsurpassed security standards, and we have more than 30 years of expertise in operating critical infrastructures ourselves. All compliance requirements can also be easily implemented, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Short Time-to-Market for New Projects

In digital business, agility is often one of the key success factors. Scrivito helps you react quickly to new requirements and changing market conditions. New projects can be launched fast – depending on the project type – even without the help of developers.

Excellent Usability for Editors

Scrivito’s intuitive user interface enables editors to add, manage and edit web pages without requiring lengthy training. Content and functions are added to a page using flexible widgets to simply drag and drop. Editors can see how the result looks on different devices as they edit the page.

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Country Websites and Multilingual Content

You can also use Scrivito to offer your websites and apps in multiple languages. All country sites can be run from a single system with no additional effort. There are no marginal costs when adding new country sites or language versions.

Real Time Collaboration

Multiple editors can work on a site together, simultaneously and independently, and invite other team members to collaborate. All editors involved in a working copy see the changes made by other team members in real time.

Highest Scalability and Availability

Scrivito is the ideal enterprise CMS for growing companies: Your websites and applications can be scaled when required. Availability is 99.95%, even during extreme load peaks and is defined by a service level agreement.


Websites and applications developed by JustRelate have the following certification, amongst others:
  • ISO 27000
  • ISO 9000
  • BSI C5
  • SOC 2
  • CSA
OMR Reviews badge for the enterprise CMS Scrivito

"Top Rated": OMR Reviews Awards Scrivito CMS

The software review platform OMR Reviews gave Scrivito the “Top Rated” award in the category Content Management Systems in March 2022. Our enterprise CMS is far above the industry average in all categories, such as “user-friendliness”, “meeting requirements” and “customer support”.

Loading times of the enterprise CMS Scrivito

Lower Bounce Rates Through Short Loading Times

By delivering the content of your websites and apps via a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) based on Amazon Web Services, it is always geographically close to users and displayed at lightning speed.

Are You Ready to See Scrivito in Action?

  • User-Friendly Digital Asset Management

    If you use Scrivito as a digital asset management (DAM) system, you can offer users a digital library that gives them easy access to all your assets, such as images, videos, or documents.

  • Publish Content Quickly

    Creating, editing, and publishing new pages is easy with Scrivito. Your editorial team can save a lot of time, be more productive, and focus on the content.

  • Optimized for High Google Rankings

    Scrivito offers you all the prerequisites for achieving high rankings on Google and other search engines. This includes, for example, optimization for mobile devices, short loading times, and the preparation of structured data for
  • Define Individual Content Workflows

    Scrivito’s role-based team and rights management lets you design your content workflows to suit your organization. You always have full control over when and by whom changes are published.

JustRelate Group Services

One-Stop Service

With JustRelate, you receive all services such as consulting, design, development and support from a single source. More than 150 highly qualified employees help you with every step of the digitalization process. JustRelate’s holistic view guarantees seamless interaction between all software systems and services.

Customers About the Enterprise CMS Scrivito

In this video, Nico Rehmann, managing partner of the digital agency asioso, talks about his experience with Scrivito.

Are You Ready to See Scrivito in Action?