This class represents individual external or internal links Scrivito is able to identify and to process.

See also Creating and Using Links for usage examples.

Constructor summary

Instance method summary

  • copy(attributes)

    Copies the Link and optionally changes some of the attributes of the new link.

  • hash()

    For an internal link, its page anchor name.

  • isExternal()

    Does the Link object point to an external location?

  • isInternal()

    Does the Link object point to a CMS object?

  • obj()

    The CMS object this link references if it's an internal link.

  • query()

    For an internal link, its query string.

  • queryParameters()

    All query parameters of the Link object.

  • rel()

    The rel attribute value of the link.

  • target()

    Optional name of the window in which the link destination should be opened.

  • title()

    The title of the link.

  • url()
    For an external link, its URL. Must be blank for internal links.