new Link(attributes)

Creates a Link instance.

The new Link must be stored inside a container (i.e. in an Obj or a Widget) before it can be used.

A Link can be stored inside a container by adding it to a link or linklist attribute using Obj#update or Widget#update.


  • hash (String) – The optional page anchor name of an internal link.
  • obj (Obj) – The internal destination page or resource. Must not be set for an external link.
  • query (String) – The optional URL query string of an internal link.
  • rel (String) – The link’s optional rel attribute value, e.g. next or search.
  • target (String) – The optional window name, e. g. _blank.
  • title (String) – The optional link title. The title can be displayed as a tooltip or link description.
  • url (String) – The external link destination URL. Must be blank for an internal link.