New in 1.34.0 (BETA)


Returns the filters resulting from the DataScope.

The application integrating the Scrivito SDK with an external data provider can use this parameter for filtering.


Object – An object representing the filters of the IndexParam. Its keys are the attribute names, and the values are objects representing filter specifications. If no parameters are specified, an empty object ({}) is returned.

New in 1.41.0

Filter specifications

Filter specifications are objects with three keys:

  • operator (String) – Name of the operator. The supported operators are equals and notEquals.
  • opCode (String) – An operator code derived from the operator.
  • value (String) – Attribute value.
New in 1.41.0

​Operator codes

A short form of the operator. We recommend using this for communicating filter specifications to the backend service in order to keep the URLs short.

  • eq – if operator is equals
  • neq – if operator is notEquals