Displays the current page.

The current page is rendered using the component provided for the corresponding page class via Scrivito.provideComponent.

[New in 1.30.0]If present, Scrivito.CurrentPage renders the layout components that have been defined for the classes of the pages that constitute the path of the current page. Layout components can be defined using Scrivito.provideLayoutComponent.


<Scrivito.CurrentPage> does not accept any props.


To build a very simple serverless single-page application, it is sufficient to mount the <Scrivito.CurrentPage> component into the DOM. Thus, rendering any page and its widgets boils down to a single JavaScript call, embedded in some HTML boilerplate:

This template omits the code needed to specify the available pages and widgets (defined in widgets_and_pages.js). But this additional code is as simple or as complex as your app requires.