Using the UI with a Development Server

Using the UI with a Development Server

If you are using a local development server, it will most probably use http and not https.

For security reasons, the Scrivito UI at is only available on https. With most browsers, you will see a warning or an error concerning ‘‘mixed content’’ or ‘‘insecure content’’ if you access a location using both https and http.

You can resolve this by instructing your browser to allow to access your development server. In Chrome, it just takes a few clicks to enable access to the unencrypted content from your development server. There is a good description of how this can be achieved on

Note that using http is safe for a local development server. In this environment, encryption is unnecessary since the traffic between your local server and your local browser never leaves your machine. However, when accessing a remote website, we strongly advise you to always use https.

Alternatively, you can, of course, also change your local development setup so that it uses https (e.g. using a self-signed certificate). As an example, take a look at how to run the webpack DevServer with https.