Deploying a Scrivito Application

Deploying a Scrivito Application

With Scrivito, there is no backend you need to take care of when deploying your Scrivito-based app – you only need a place to host your JavaScript and HTML files. We won’t recommend a specific hoster such as AWS or Google to you since the only requirement is that your application can access our API through an internet connection.

We partnered with Netlify

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we teamed up with our friends at Netlify to host your Scrivito trial and subsequent websites. They make it so easy and work hard on their platform, why reinvent the wheel? Netlify pushes your website to a global network of intelligent CDN nodes that also handles asset fingerprinting, automatic caching headers, and smart redirect and rewrite rules. And for the SEO minded, they have prerendering built in. Netlify was built for serverless websites like the ones based on Scrivito as well as static and Jamstack websites.

When you create a Scrivito CMS, you are also provided with our Example Application which is automatically deployed to Netlify.

Deploying via the dashboard

Generate your build file 

You can deploy any code changes via the dashboard until you claim your site at Netlify (more on this below). After working on your code, just run npm run build on your command line. This creates a file which includes everything needed.

Upload the build file to your dashboard

With your newly minted ZIP file including all your awesome changes:

  1. Open your dashboard at
  2. Choose the corresponding website (if you have more than one).
  3. Select the Deployment tab.
  4. Click the “Choose File” button and select the file for deployment.

Your web application is then deployed – in less than five minutes!

Managing your site at Netlify

Netlify offers numerous options for deploying and managing your website. If you would like to take advantage of these options, you can “Claim Your Site on Netlify”, and Scrivito will step back, letting you handle all the domain management and subsequent deployments via their dashboard.

To claim your Scrivito website on Netlify, all you need to do is:

  1. Open your website settings at
  2. Choose the ”Deployment” tab.
  3. Click the CLAIM YOUR SITE ON NETLIFY button.

Afterwards, you will be directed to Scrivito’s portal on Netlify. From here you can log in or create a free account with Netlify. You will then no longer be able to deploy this website from the Scrivito dashboard, meaning that you can take advantage of the much more far-reaching possibilities at Netlify.

Deployment via Git integration

In today’s developer world, continuous integration and continuous deployment are common approaches, for good reason. Letting your users and visitors benefit from the latest changes to your website faster means that they are happier. Changes to the content of your Scrivito-based website are already visible on your live website each time you publish a working copy. Now, with Git integration set up via Netlify, your code changes can be deployed as you push your changes.

Netlify can integrate with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket to deploy your code changes directly from the repository. From the Netlify dashboard you can choose which service to use and set up integration, simply. Once set, you can decide which repo and even which branch gets deployed when code changes are pushed. This option lets you create “deploy previews” as well as perform A/B testing or “split testing” as Netlify references it, to divide your website traffic between different deploys.

Note that when deploying with Git, you will need to add your environment variables such as SCRIVITO_TENANT to their system as the .env file should stay out of your repository for security reasons.

Deployment made easy

Scrivito-based websites are meant to be as easy to maintain as possible. This not only includes the highest degree of convenience with creating, changing, and publishing content but also fast and frictionless deployments, automated if required.

Whether you are currently testing Scrivito, are in the middle of developing your website, or went live already: For most simple deployment, take advantage of your Scrivito dashboard, or select from Netlify’s excellent tools the ones that meet your requirements.